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Welcome to Kaias

We are a small business focused on selling unique personalised products and providing complete laser engraving services.

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:30 75 Tomswood Hil, London, IG6 2HP, UK 07702586796 kaiasengravingservices@outlook.com

Kaias Bottles – We create a clean brand

Banner Kaias Reusable Water Bottles
Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Kaias Bottles – Practical, Fashionable and Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Our bottles comes in different sizes to fit your needs, in various colors and are thermo-resistant. They come in practical shapes, making them easy to use, handle and store.

Together with a great range of color options (in shiny, satin or matte finish), our bottles will always be trendy and eye-catching.

Don’t forget that your bottle will be personalized with your name, logo or any other thing you wish – so it will unique and will represent your personality.

Other features:
-100% pure high-quality food grade
-made of stainless steel (double-walled vacuum-seal insulation)
-non leaking
-vacuum-seal cap
-enduring coating

Kaias Bottles are made to perfection.

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