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Welcome to Kaias

We are a small business focused on selling unique personalised products and providing complete laser engraving services.

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:30 75 Tomswood Hil, London, IG6 2HP, UK 07702586796 kaiasengravingservices@outlook.com

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Kaias Customization Process - Kaias

How to customize your product

How to customize your product step by step

We are open to any idea in terms of design for these bottles. For that we will need a good quality design, as many details and as clear as possible.
***for best results on portrait engraving please provide a good quality photo (background will be removed unless requested so)

The items be customized when submitting an order, with name, text, logo, illustration, photo or any other design. We can work out the design together.

Laser engraving services:
– text / name / logo – must be provided by customer
**check our font options here: handwritten, manly and kids
– custom work – any design that requires extra work (custom designs, portraits, logo in poor quality, etc.)

Our process is simple:
1. Submit order (make sure you pick the right engraving service)
2. Provide a good quality file/design and mention all the details via personalization section or contact message.
3. After we receive all the details we provide a mock up for confirmation.
4. Once confirmed, the order is processed and dispatched asap.

WE CAN ONLY DO SILVER ENGRAVING. Through our process we laser engrave the bottles coating until we get to the stainless steel underneath, which gives us that shiny reflective color. This is our only option, and is visible on any color.
Different than other kind of markings, as stickers, vinyl, prints etc. our process is permanent and will not fade in time or easily wash away.

Workshop - Inside

We create designs that work!

You won’t see someone more creative and more original than an arbitrary customer.

Any idea can be represented on our products (we can personalize them with names, text, logo, photos or any other custom designs)

We are specialized in creating and manipulating vectors but we also pride ourselves with great results in raster image handling, in both cases the engraving results being spot on.

Our designs will fit the product dimensions, color and more than that, the purpose.

Finally, we offer complete laser engraving services. Please get in touch and we will guide you through the whole process – from sketch to finished product.